Sunday, March 15, 2009

To all my frens..aku nak promote sikit nih..aku & hubby ade wat photographer utk any ocassion such as wedding,diner,family day & baby photo..
We have special package for relative & frens la..Utk wedding album,kita ade jenis sticky album & custom album..custom album ni lak kita ade jenis eliminate & jenis lekat trus cam magazine tu..
For frens yg dh kawin tp teringin nak wat album dia cam magazine tu..leh la bagi copy gambar for us to edit & print the album.For this one,we just charge for editing & album...
Other than that,we have special gift such as photo frame & wedding album..
So frens...please feel free to contact us if u need our service..cheers..
- WLA Photographer
- Contact us at :Lisa - 012 5371047
Wan - 012 5871793

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